Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Erase and Rewind

It's a shame. We are born into a cursed world. A biased world. A shame. Where nothing is darker than black. Nothing hotter than white. Where a six is not twenty knats. Where everything is set. Where it is not who you are but who you know. What you know. It is a shame. A sham. Where clothes do not match. Where the kid is taught not to pick his nose. To stand in line. An arms length behind another. In front of another. And another. Where dead dreams are failures. Where numbers add up. Where taboo is taboo. Where there is... Sigur Ros. Where there are notes hanging in the air, enveloping it, engulfing it, packed tightly into perfection. Where there is magic. Where we die. For us. For another. Where her eyes glisten in the evening dark. Oh, how they glisten. Where there is a mind's eye view. And everything is serene. Where there is perfect.

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